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Shannon Winston

Clinical    Herbalist.

Certified  Nutrition Specialist.

Working in Baltimore, MD



Name: Shannon Winston        a.k.a "Mama Shannon"

College: Morgan State University
Major: English, B.A.

College: Maryland University of Integrative Health
Major: Herbal Medicine, M.S.



At MUIH (formerly Tai Sophia Institute), I studied herbal medicine full-time for 3 years in a program that honored both the scientific and traditional wisdom perspective of herbal medicine. It is the only accredited Masters level program in Herbal Medicine and included 80+ credit hours as well as 100 hours of supervised clinical experience.  Training included courses in botany, physiology, pathophysiology, phytochemistry, pharmacology, pharmacognosy, nutrition, clinical skills, and of course materia medica among other things. 

Upon graduation in 2013, I spent nearly 3 years working in a nutrition related field doing Nutrition Education with pregnant women and their young children. 

Since that time, I have also taught various workshops offering herbal medicine education to children as young as age 5 up to the teenage years. I have recently expanded to teaching workshops for adults.